IDDD Data Science

In today’s data-driven world, with information pouring in from countless fields, the lines between disciplines are blurring. Recognizing this, the Interdisciplinary Dual Degree in Data Science (IDDD-DS) program at IIT Madras bridges the gap, empowering students from any BTech background to leverage the power of data science and enhance their core research areas.

IIT Madras’s IDDD-DS program stands out as a one-of-a-kind 5-year dual degree opportunity for BTech students. Starting in their 6th semester, students can delve into the world of data science while still pursuing their primary discipline. The program boasts diverse faculty from the School and also other departments, ensuring a comprehensive curriculum and research collaborations with various Centres affiliated with the school. This flexibility allows students to tailor their studies, specializing in specific applications or strengthening their foundational knowledge.

IIT Madras’ IDDD-DS program bridges the gap between Data Science and diverse disciplines. Open to B.Tech students from any field, this 5-year program starting in semester 6 offers:

  • Interdisciplinary learning: Courses taught by faculty from various departments
  • Exciting industry and socially relevant research projects: Work with researchers across campus in various research centres and the school, on cutting-edge research projects
  • Tailored learning paths: Specialize in application areas or delve deeper into fundamentals, by tailoring your electives
  • Dual degree advantage: Earn a B.Tech degree in your field and a Master’s in Data Science

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