International Students

Joint MSc (University of Birmingham)

The Joint MSc program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is offered by IIT Madras and the University of Birmingham. The program is 18 months long and students can choose to complete their research project in either India or the UK. The program includes an industrial placement, electives, and a research project. Some of the benefits of this program include the opportunity to learn from world-renowned faculty, gain international experience, and develop skills that are highly valued in the job market.

2024 Cohort Applications open now!

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International Interdisciplinary Masters Programme (I2MP)

IIT Madras is proud to announce nine International Interdisciplinary Master’s degree programs (I2MP), starting in July 2022. The program brings together innovative curricula with IIT Madras’ award-winning pedagogy and research methodology. The world is moving towards a future where engineers cut across traditional domains in their expertise and skills. The boundaries between various engineering disciplines are dissolving, and solutions to current-day problems necessarily involve collaborations between experts in a host of fields. An interdisciplinary master’s degree at IIT Madras will serve to build a generation of students trained for present-day careers at the interfaces of traditional engineering and science disciplines.

I2MP in Data Science

The Data Science interdisciplinary master's program at IIT Madras is a distinctive offering that integrates all the technological aspects necessary for data collection, storage, analysis, and interpretation. This program encompasses a variety of data science components, including storage technology, distributed computing, data-driven modeling, data analytics and mining, visualization, and security, through both coursework and projects. The foundational core courses are hands-on, setting the groundwork, while students can select from a wide range of elective topics. These electives cover a broad spectrum, from advanced algorithmic or theoretical courses to more applied data science topics, allowing students to tailor their learning to their specific interests within the broad field of data science. In their final year, students will engage in a deep dive project in their chosen area of interest.