For Prospective Students

At the forefront of technological innovation and education, our School offers a diverse range of programs designed to empower the next generation of AI and data science professionals. Our curriculum is tailored to meet the evolving needs of industry and research, ensuring our graduates are not just ready for the future but are also shaping it.

Our Programmes

  1. BTech in AI & Data Analytics: Dive into the world of artificial intelligence and data analytics. This unique interdisciplinary program offers a comprehensive foundation in AI technologies and various aspects data analytics, preparing you for a dynamic career in various industries, and also for graduate studies.
  2. MTech in Data Science & AI: Designed for those who wish to deepen their expertise, this program combines advanced concepts in data science and AI, providing hands-on experience with real-world applications.
  3. Joint MSc in Data Science and AI with the University of Birmingham: Experience a global perspective on data science and AI through this unique international program, offered in collaboration with the prestigious University of Birmingham. This unique and flexible programme has two tracks, where the student can spend more time at IITM or UoB.
  4. International Interdisciplinary Masters Programme (I2MP): This program is tailored for those who seek a multi-disciplinary approach, blending AI and data science with other fields to address complex challenges. You can join an exciting cohort of international master’s students on our campus, who are being admitted to 10+ exciting programmes.
  5. Interdisciplinary Dual Degree in Data Science (IDDD DS): Ideal for IITM undergraduate students who wish to explore the intersection of data science with other disciplines, this dual degree program enables a unique synthesis of domain knowledge and AI/ML applications.
  6. Web-enabled MTech in Industrial AI: Crafted specifically for industry professionals, this course enables them to engage in a flexible learning experience. With both fundamental courses and application-oriented courses focussed on AI in industrial contexts, this programme caters to several industries. Learn more here.
  7. MS & PhD programmes: For those passionate about research and innovation, our advanced degree programs offer opportunities to delve into cutting-edge research in AI and data science, guided by our expert faculty.

Why IIT Madras?

  • Innovative & Flexible Curriculum: Our courses are designed to keep pace with the latest developments in AI and data science, ensuring you gain relevant, up-to-date skills.
  • Industry Connections: With strong ties to industry leaders, our programs offer unique opportunities for internships, projects, and career advancement.
  • Global Perspective: Our international collaborations provide a broader understanding and exposure to global trends and methodologies in AI and data science.
  • Expert Faculty: Learn from and collaborate with renowned experts who are not just teachers but active contributors to their fields.

For more information on our programs, admissions, and more, visit our admissions page.